On his way to Majuro

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Howell is now on board Continental Airline’s flight to Majuro via Guam. He will reach Guam at 4:00 AM (which is 2:30 AM here in Manila). Then he will board his connecting flight from Guam to Majuro and he will reached Majuro around 12:05 PM (which is 8:05 AM Manila time).

Since there is a free Wifi connection available at Guam airport and since he has 1.5 hours stop over to Guam, I told Howell to quickly send me an email as soon as he is free so at least I will know that he arrived in Guam safely. That’s the thing that I hate about temporary duty outside the country. I can’t help but be worried about Howell’s condition. I guess it is just a natural thing for a wife. But I just rely on prayers so our good Lord will take care of Howell.

Howell requested that my dad sleep here every night while he is away as Howell is worried too since it is only me, yaya and Bela at home. Which is a good thing as it gives me peace of mind also for our safety.

Oh I just wish that it is already June 28 and it is already time for Howell to go back here in Manila.