On Credit Cards

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Do you ever receives those phone calls from credit card companies offering you their different credit cards like their 0 apr balance transfer cards, or their cash back credit cards or their air miles credit cards? I often receive these types of phone calls and honestly I’m really irritated every time I receive those calls. Imagine they will call you during working hours so you’re always in the middle of something important and they will insist that you listen to their offer since you already pre qualified and you don’t have to submit any documents.

Today I received again two phone calls from two different credit card company and they are both offering me a credit card that has 0 balance transfers. Before, I would really immediately say no to their offer but I figured I have a big outstanding balance on my credit card because of our Hong King tickets that I purchased online. And since they kept on calling me everyday for this offer, I might as well grab this opportunity to have my balance transferred.

It is a good deal anyways since they are offering no fee balance transfers so it is a win-win scenario for me. At least they won’t be pestering me with their phone calls at least for a month if I accept their offer and I get to transfer my credit balance with no fee at all. Do you think it is a wise move?