On being a n@wie

Saturday, June 7, 2008

As our Singapore trip is already nearing, I posted a message at Newlyweds at Work (n@W) yahoo group to ask for tips and suggestions for our upcoming Singapore trip to my co- n@wies (that is how we call each other) who have been to Singapore. And as I was browsing the posted messages by the other n@wies, it made me realize that I haven’t been as active as before when it comes to reading and posting messages in our yahoo group.

Newlyweds at work is a yahoo groups created so couples can get help about married life, parenting, pregnancy, family problems or just about anything from other couples who are members of the group. I felt guilty since I haven’t contributed much these past few months to my co-n@wies as I haven’t checked the site more often since I got bust with work. But this yahoo group has helped me a lot from getting suggestions on Child birth classes when I was pregnant, to planning for my daughter’s birthday party, to suggestions for best preschool for my daughter and I even learned about mom marketing from this yahoo group.

I really owe a lot from n@w and I promise that I will try to be active again in this yahoo group as I need to bring back the favor and help other newlyweds and couples too as a payback from all the help that I got from other couples in this yahoo group.