No longer a castaway

Thursday, June 12, 2008

When my friend was in Majuro a month ago, he only have Internet access when he is at the office as there is no WiFi or Internet connection in his hotel. Then he had a hard time looking for a call card that he can use to call home and when he was finally able to find one, the connection was really bad that it is really difficult to make a connection. So we were teasing him that he was like Tom Hanks in the movie, Cast Away.

But Howell was lucky as WiFi connection is already installed in his hotel. Although sometimes, he has to go out of his room and stay in the lobby to get a signal. But at least he is able to go online. So it’s like he was just right here as he is online almost everyday so we get to talk and I get to update him with what’s happening with us here. And since he is in the IT section, he is somewhat familiar with how their phone system works, so he was able to find away to call me everyday without using the unreliable call card service in Majuro. He would call his Manila office through their internal phone system so it is like making a local call from Majuro to Manila and his Manila office would connect him to me.

Yes I do miss him but thanks to this technology that I was able to talk to him everyday. So it’s like Howell is here with us. The only difference is that we don’t get to see him. But it’s been a week since he left so two more weeks, and we will be able to see dad again.