New credit card for his online shopping

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I just got an email from my husband and he was telling me how disappointed he was because his order from Toys R’ Us was cancelled. He is in Majuro, Marshall Islands right now and he has been doing some shopping online for our daughter.He wanted to buy our daughter these:

But then he got really disappointed since he got an email from Toys R’ Us saying that his order has been cancelled because they only accept US issued MasterCard and Visa credit cards only.

I can imagine how disappointed he was since he was so excited yesterday when he was telling me what he will be ordering for my daughter and some NBA Legends action figures to add to his collection. So he tried searching for other online stores where he can order again but unfortunately, all of them only accept US issued credit cards.

So I told him that he should apply for a new credit card since he mostly does his shopping online. I gave him the site of where he can easily apply for a credit card online. All he has to do is select which type of credit card he wants and then he can compare each of its features and then he can instantly apply online.