My Own Camera

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It’s my sister’s 19th birthday today. She was insisting that she should have a party because this is her last birthday as a teenager. So we prepared a small party for her. Too bad Howell was note here so we don’t have best digital camera to take pictures of this wonderful event.

I remember the last time Howell was away and it’s the Christmas season and I’m at the mall with my daughter when we saw Santa Claus. My daughter was so happy when she saw Santa that she even lined up to have her picture taken with Santa. But I only have my cell phone’s camera that time so I was not able to capture that special moment. So I thought, I should have my own camera that my daughter and I can use.

My husband’s camera is an SLR which is the best wide angle digital camera. But the problem is it is heavy since it is big so I can’t bring it with me everywhere I go. And since he uses it for business, I really can’t just borrow it anytime I like. So I think it is really about time that I buy my own camera.

If I will be buying a camera, I want to buy the best ultra compact digital camera. I’m really not that familiar with camera specifications so I have to do some readings on my favorite site, I like this site since the recommendations are written by experts on that particular product and not like other review sites where I get confused from the different feedbacks given by user.

I’m excited already in owning my own camera as my pretty subject, my dear daughter, is already waiting for her pictures to be taken by me.