My Friend’s House Planning

Friday, June 27, 2008

I’m so happy for my friend. After several years of working abroad, he was able to buy a lot for his family where they can build their dream house. All he has to do now is find the perfect house plans and they are all set for the construction of their first owned house.

He was excited as this is their first real investment. So he is very hands on in every aspect of the house planning. Since we are in the process of planning for our house construction too, my husband is aware at how complicated planning a house can be. So he gave our friend the site where he can purchase pre drawn home plans so he can easily select which house plans he wants for their dream house.

My friend got really excited that he immediately checked out the site and he is torn between the Log home plans and the vacation home plans. But I’m sure, whatever house plans they choose, it would really be something special for him and his wife as this is their first investment as a couple.