Kim Cattrall’s new HBO show

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So after the big success of the Sex and the City movie, guess who is going to have her own show at HBO?

Nope, not Sarah Jessica Parker but Kim Cattrall. Yes, Kim Cattrall is set to star in her own comedy series for HBO. The title of the new show is Sensitive Skin where she plays a middle aged wife living in New York who begins to question the choices she had made in life.

Sensitive Skin is adaptation of its British series that is being written and executive produced by "The Sopranos" writers Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green.

Kim Cattrall is also the executive producer of the show. This is part of the deal with Kim’s contract when she agreed to do the Sex and the City movie. If you will remember, Kim was having some issues with the salary that she is getting as compared to Sarah Jessica Parker when they were still doing the Sex and the City TV series. There were even some rumors that she will not be part of the movie because of these issues. And it was even revealed by Cynthia Nixon when she was interviewed that Kim Cattrall was the reason it took them four years to finally release the movie because she was really not dedicated in doing it. So HBO producers have to make a really good deal for Samantha to do the movie, thus she was given the new HBO show.