How was your weekend?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

If you will ask me, I was out of the online world for three days now as my Internet connection is down since Sunday. But I still had a pretty nice weekend.

Last Saturday, I was so tired after Bela’s swimming class that I decided to sleep early so I was not able to blog that evening. Then the next day, it was typhoon signal number three in Metro Manila and it was really raining so hard. I was still too lazy to work but then I realized I still have a lot of pending jobs and a lot of stories to blog about. But when I checked my Internet, it is down probably due to the damages caused typhoon Frank. I have been calling Smart since Sunday but they can’t give me an exact date on when they can restore my connection. All that they can tell me is that there is a problem with the base station and that their engineers are already working on it.

But it is good that I get to stay away from my laptop for three days now as I was able to spend some more quality time with my daughter. Since I am not busy blogging, I was able to play with her the whole day Sunday. I was even able to catch some sleep.

And the best part of my weekend is, my aunt prepared champorado (chocolate porridge) for us last rainy Sunday afternoon. I ate one a half bowl of my aunt’s champorado so I was really full that I only have couple of bites to spare for dinner.

It was really one great weekend for us. The only sad part about it is that Howell was not here with us during that weekend. But then I realize, a rainy weekend with no Internet but with my daughter and a bowl of champorado was really close to perfect.