Goodbye Hair Iron

Monday, June 9, 2008

Yes, I can finally say goodbye to may hair iron (at least for a year) as I just had a hair rebond this afternoon.

I have long been planning to go to the parlor to have a hair rebond as I’m already tired of having to iron my hair everyday. And I found the prefect timing today as Bela was sleeping and I don’t have anything to do for the afternoon.

Together with my mom, we head to the salon to have our hair done. We arrived there at around 3PM and we were entertained right away. I only initially want to have a hair relax as it is much cheaper but then I gave in to their sales talk and opted for a hair rebond instead. So I have to sit there for 4 hours so they can apply the treatment, iron my hair, apply the second treatment again and iron my hair again for the last time. I was so bored but then I have to get through all of this if I want to look beautiful right?

But I was happy with the result. I’m saving the picture so hubby will be surprised when he arrives on the 28th. So I will post the pictures by then.


Bengbeng said...

as long as u r happy with yr new look, that is all that matters :) hubby will b pleasantly surprised when he returns :)