For their new business venture

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I just received an email invitation from one of my colleague inviting us to visit their booth since they will be joining upcoming photo trade show exhibits to promote their shop.

My colleague just opened their business of a photo printing company where they accept photos for printing and developing, album print outs, tarpaulin printing and the like. It is their new business venture and he said that they will be joining trade shows to showcase their products and promote their shop.

My colleague was on leave for a week already as they are busy preparing the materials that they will need for the trade show like the table covers, tarpaulins, banners, albums as their samples and even framed pictures that they will display on their booth. He also asked each one of us to give him a soft copy of our favorite family and travel pictures which he will use to make their table top display.

My colleague was really excited for their new business. I remember he has been asking me about our cellphone business since he and her wife have been looking for a new business investment. But since they don’t know anything about cellphones, they got discouraged in pursuing this line of business. But I am really happy for them that they were able to finally setup the business venture that they are looking.

So good luck for the upcoming exhibit and we hope that you will get more customers after this exhibit.