Eiffel Tower Bag by Timmy Woods

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ok, ok I am now obsessed with the Speedy LV bag. Every time I would see someone carrying one, I would really stare in envy and amazement. But as of today, I should still just settle to stare in envy as I still don’t have the money to buy it. LOL.

So to take my mind off that Speedy LV bag, I started to browse the net and found this cute bag that is even featured in the Sex and the City movie, the Eiffel Tower Bag by Timmy Woods.

Remember this scene from the Sex and the City movie? Carrie is holding the Eiffel Tower bag in this scene.

The bag is made from Acacia wood and is hand-painted and signed by Timmy Woods herself. But mind you, the Swarovsky crystal version worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City the Movie is even more expensive than the LV bag that I want at $3,000 and the plain version is priced at $450.