Do we need a second car?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My husband and I are not really into cars. For us, our car is more of a need rather than a luxury. But if you will ask my husband, he has a list of choices for his dream car and that would include:

A Nissan Frontier

A Toyota Fortuner

And a Mitsubushi Strada

But we were thinking if we really need to buy a second car. Our daughter will start to go to school this month and we have to leave our car so her grand parents have something to use to take her to school. And since she goes to school, three times a week, this means we have to battle the rush hour in the afternoon and commute to and from work three times a week.

Our housing will be finish in ten months time and my husband is suggesting that we get an auto loan after we pay our housing loan. And since we are not like one of those who have bad credit auto loans, we can easily get approved.

My husband really has a point since like what I said earlier, our car is more of a need to us than a luxury. I think we have to sit down one night and talk about this so we can study our budget and see if we can really afford to get an auto loan for a new car.