Congrats Rafter

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I am so proud of my best friend. In just two years of his stay in his current employer, he has been promoted three times already. I was telling him, his decision to move to this company was by far the best decision he has ever done in his life.

And to add an icing to his cake, after getting a promotion again this month, he will be going to Baltimore for three month training. Talk about being lucky. But I think it is not just about luck since my best friend is really one smart guy and I know given the right timing and perfect opportunity, he will really rise to the top of the corporate ladder.

Since he will be staying at Baltimore for three months, he really has a lot of time to visit any of the east coast states during weekends. I told him to visit the site EasytoBook as early as now (since he is already leaving on the 23rd of June) to check the hotel rates and make a reservation.

I told him that he better find a New York hotel since he should not miss going to New York City. We really had fun there and for sure he will really go crazy shopping for his favorite DVDs at Radio City.






I told him also to check Holiday Inn New York City for his hotel accommodation since this is where we stayed when we went there and we are satisfied with their service.

I’m really proud of you dude. Congratulations again and you truly deserve that promotion.


Raft3r said...

visit my blog!!!
great news!!

Raft3r said...

salamat sa post na ito, ha

really appreciate it
kahit na hindi mo ako binilan ng janet tix

i love you, dude