Can’t wait for Saturday

Saturday, June 21, 2008

It’s been two weeks now since Howell left for his three weeks temporary duty to Majuro and we only have one more week to go before he finally goes home.

Aside from the fact that we miss him so much every time he leaves, security is another issue why I hate it every time Howell has to go for an out of the country trip. And I know that Howell is doubly worried for me and Bela’s safety too. Since our house is not equipped with one those ademco electronic alarm system, Howell requested my dad to stay at our house during those time that he is away. (I know we should have one of this installed. This will be Howell’s first project when he gets back).

I hope this is Howell’s last out of the country trip for this year. I really hate it every time he is away. We miss him so much already. But seven more days and we will be able to hug and kiss him again.

We can’t wait for Saturday to come Dad! See you at the airport on Saturday. Bela and I will be excitedly waiting for you at the airport gate.


Gracie said...

Hi Abie! Glad to know Howell is coming back home in a few days time. Got a little something for you in my blog: Have a wonderful week ahead!