Back to School

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Almost all the students are back to school once again. This morning, as soon as I reach the main road, there is already a heavy traffic. On my way to the terminal where I will get my ride, I have to pass by two public schools and one of them is the largest public schools in Manila which has thousands of students. And since it is the first week of the school year, it is still a bit chaotic as the students are still waiting for their room assignment, checking their schedules and the like and so most of them are standing outside the school entrance early in the morning. This really causes traffic.

Good thing that I was not late for work this morning despite the heavy traffic that I’ve been through. Otherwise I might expect a memo already from our head of mission for my tardiness. LOL. So I better leave a little early than what usual so I’ll be sure that I’m always on time for work.

One thing funny though, there are a number of police patrols and policemen outside the schools to manage the traffic but I’m not sure though if they are really managing the traffic or they are the one causing the traffic. LOL.



nice shot... happy ww!