Another Wedding

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I love attending weddings. The occasion is filled with so much joy and love and that everybody present is really celebrating with the couple. I remember during our wedding, all our friends and relatives took time to celebrate that wonderful occasion with us and so even if our wedding had a lot of glitches; it was the prefect wedding for us.


Next week, we will be attending another wedding of one of our close friends. They have been together for a long time now and we were all happy when they told us that they are finally tying the knot. So I am looking for the perfect gift to give them.

The couple doesn’t have a gift registry so I’m really having a hard time deciding what to give them. I have been checking the Housewares and Home Maintenance Products Buying Guide from Shopwiki to get some gift ideas and suggestions. I want to buy them something that they would be able to use and would not just be put into storage.

I would have wanted to buy them a home sauna but since I have a limited budget, I have to think of something else. My first option is Panasonic cordless flat iron. I know my friend doesn’t enjoy ironing her clothes so I might as well give her something that will make her ironing a little easier. My second option is a washing machine but I have to check first the price range and if it will fit my budget.

I’m so excited already for this wedding. My husband will be arriving next week too so he will just be in time for our friends wedding.