An Accident

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Last Thursday, Howell together with his family, drove form Manila to Bicol to attend the town fiesta mass being officiated by his brother and at the same time celebrate his parents 40th wedding anniversary with a renewal of vows that will be officiated by his brother also.

On their way to Bicol, they had a slight accident as a bus who is trying to avoid another car hit the back of my brother in-laws' car. Too bad the car is not insured which would really be a total headache as it is difficult to deal with bus companies on getting claims for the accident that they have done.

I remember there was a time before that the side of our car was hit by a truck. It was clearly the fault of the truck driver and the policeman who handled our report agreed that the truck company should shoulder the expenses for the repair. But as it turns out, it is really difficult to deal with truck companies. They will ask us to come back several times to claim for the expenses that we incurred for the repair but every time we follow it up with them, they will just say that we can try again the next day. So I really felt that I am just wasting my time with them and there is no way that they will pay us for the expenses that we incurred for the damages of our car.

Since we have no insurance, we paid for the car repair using our own money. And the accident that happened to my brother in-law reminded us again that car insurance is really very important. It is our security every time we ride our car. So as soon as my husband reached home from Bicol, he immediately opened the site for online car insurance and he got an insurance for our car right away, which is something that we should have done a long time ago.