Music is their Passion

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It has been almost a year since my daughter started drum lessons at Academy of Rock. And my husband and I are both happy because we can see that she is really enjoying it and that she has finally found her passion.

That is why I really don’t mind even if I have to sacrifice my purse budget just so we can enroll her every month. LOL.

Because of this, hubby got really inspired to pursue his love for music also and is thinking of getting a great engl from guitar center. Academy of Rock also offers music lessons for adults that is why hubby is planning to enroll too.

Who knows, in the next few months, hubby and the kids will form their own band. That, I would really love to see and of course I will be their number 1 fan.

Hi5 Theme For Cobi's 4th Birthday Party

I can’t believe that the first quarter of the year is almost over and this means that the birthday of my baby is coming soon. I initially want to have a small party for him in school since he will start going to school this school year. But then I feel that it will be unfair since we always throw parties for his sister up to the time when she was 7 years old so we wanted to do the same thing for him.

He loves Hi5 show and so thinking for the birthday party theme for Cobi’s 4th is a no-brainer. I plan to have it in a small restaurant only and then get Jives, the sing and dance group that we have for Bela’s 7th birthday. But instead of them singing current songs, we will ask them to sing Hi5 songs instead. Cobi can perform with them as he just loves to sing and dance too.

My only concern now is if they will accept the booking if it is only in a small restaurant as I know they need good sound system, wireless microphone and of course a big space where they can really strut their stuff. Or maybe I can just find a supplier where we can rent sound system and equipment like that of dynaudio, so we will have a good audio during the party.

But let’s see. I will start with the party planning when I’m back in Manila next week.

Another Rockstar Themed Party for a Friend

Monday, March 3, 2014

Yikes, it is March already and I suddenly realized that it is just 4 months to go before my friend's daugther's 7th birthday rockstar party that I promised to helped her with.
Actually we have booked a number of suppliers already, thanks to my ever-reliable party planner Angelette of Jelly Bellies. But there are still some things that needs to be decided upon like the balloon decors that we can do since we have a very big venue and a very limited budget (LOL), if we will rent an illuminated dance floor or not and some other minor details.

We will be having a rock star themed party so I need to book a supplier too for the lights and sounds and hopefully we can save on studio mixers as we are running low on budget already as a big chunk has been allocated for the lighted dance floor.

So hopefully all will turned well and my friend will be happy for the Rockstar Themed Party that I planned for her daughter.

Wicked in Manila

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I am so envious of my sister as she has tickets to the Broadway Musical Show, Wicked.

I just checked the website and there are only 16 shows left that are on sale. The last show will be on March 9, so if you are a fan, I suggest you book your tickets now.

Wicked is Broadway’s biggest blockbuster and it has received a lot of awards like Tony Awards, Drama Desk Awards, Grammy Award to name just a few.

I am sure this will be one great show, with award winning casts, and high tech light and sound equipment (like peavey pr12 speakers at guitar center).

Hubby actually wants to watch with our daughter but I have to see if we can still get tickets for the good seats as I heard all seats are almost sold out.

Documenting Our 2014

I have been collecting Starbucks stickers to avail of their planner for 4 straight years now. Unfortunately, I was not able to complete it for this year. Well it is because I am pregnant and so I am really avoiding coffee in my diet as much as I can.

But a planner is a necessity for me. Yes I can use the Calendar and To do list in Outlook but I prefer to have everything written. So instead of the Starbucks planner, I just got the Moleskine Family Planner and I even added a 5-year journal Happiness Project: